Our Enemy, Death

Touchy Subject Obviously, death is not an easy subject to discuss. But as my good friend, Jamison, pointed out: the one thing we tend to ignore and not talk about the most, is the very thing that is one of … Continue reading

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The New Traditional

Oh, Medium-Sized Town of Lexington… The town I live in, Lexington, KY, has a massive population of church buildings representing a mix of denominations – somewhere in the three-hundreds. We have small churches and we have mega-churches. We have black … Continue reading

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There are times when you watch or hear something and it doesn’t sit too well with you. Then there are times you watch or hear something and you close your eyes and hope that it isn’t real – maybe you are … Continue reading

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The American Idol

It was 2003 and I was in Los Angeles, CA for two months acting and auditioning during what is called “pilot season” – a time when all of the new TV shows are being filmed. It was also the year … Continue reading

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What if…

What if our Bibles were taken away from us? What if the government or some outside force banned our Bibles, then confiscated them from each home and church and then burned them? What would we do? What would change? Would … Continue reading

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Why Hell Doesn’t Work

(Note: While I didn’t intend on this being a very long post, it has proven to be longer than I had originally thought. Still, I would appreciate the read!) There are many theories on why people commit crime. Given all … Continue reading

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Is it time to re-evaluate?

I cannot even begin to describe how I feel when I read articles and hear stories about “Christian” organizations blatantly missing the point. It was all I could do not to “tear my garments” after reading an editorial just a few minutes ago in … Continue reading

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