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“Iranian Astrologers, Meet Jesus.”

A Different Look at the Wise Men In any given story in the scriptures, you can count on the fact that there is a lot going on. Unfortunately, pop-Christianity and the “me-centered” nature of studying the Bible has left much … Continue reading

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The Gospel is Offensive…But to Who?

I wrote a blog a while back titled, “Offending the Party Poopers.” It was written after thinking that maybe the one’s who are offended by the gospel/good news are actually Christians who doubt and have a narrow view God’s generosity and … Continue reading

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A Place Where Gay Boy Scouts are Welcome

Just a couple of days ago, the Boy Scouts of America lifted the ban on admitting openly gay Scouts into its organization. As many have celebrated the long awaited repeal of this policy, the “Alliance Defending Freedom” reports that 19,000 … Continue reading

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Boston, we see you. (A Letter to Boston)

To the People of Boston, As the world looks from afar, we stand as a witness to your fortitude, perseverance and courage. Our hearts are torn open to see you cry, shake, collapse, perish and be set on edge as … Continue reading

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Andy, Maggie and Navigating Traffic

My mom and I recently discovered the BBC show, “Extras” starring Ricky Gervais that ran a few years back for a couple of seasons. It is a hysterical show about Andy (Ricky Gervais) and other characters navigating through the entertainment … Continue reading

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This summer, I said “no” to evangelism

This summer, I learned a lot. A whole lot. I have never had a busier summer than I did this year. It was amazing -I experienced so many things and met so many people who I call “friends” now. Gay … Continue reading

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Today, The Enemy Has Won

So, unless you live under a rock, you should have noticed the news that Chick-Fil-A president, Dan Cathy, came out in support of “traditional marriage” and we also learned that the same business had donated millions of dollars to fund … Continue reading

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