A Place Where Gay Boy Scouts are Welcome

Just a couple of days ago, the Boy Scouts of America lifted the ban on admitting openly gay Scouts into its organization. As many have celebrated the long awaited repeal of this policy, the “Alliance Defending Freedom” reports that 19,000 Americans (12,000 being current and former Scouts) and have signed a petition to urge Boy Scouts of America to “uphold the values that have defined the organization.” Alliance Defending Freedom is not the only group of people who have supported the ban. I have read countless comments and overheard several conversations by Christians who also agree with the ban.

As predicted, Christians have taken sides, fanned their feathers, signed their petitions, puffed up their chests and have begun beating the drums of war! They shall not be defeated!

A couple thoughts on all of this…

1. To all the Christians who have cried “persecution!” about: “no prayer in schools,” taking “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, Hobby Lobby being fined for not paying for healthcare, etc.: You can’t cry “persecution” because you feel left out of something and then claim “religious freedom” or “defending your faith” to justify leaving people out!

It just doesn’t work like that. Whining because you didn’t get your way is not persecution…so stop that.

2. To the sponsors who refuse to let in gay kids and to the 19,000 people who signed the petition, I would like to calm any doubts you might have had surrounding your decision. If you ever stopped to think about the kids, struggling to find their identity and who they are in this world (like every kid ever), I want you to know that they do have a place, a Sponsor, a Mentor, and someone who will gladly sign a petition for them.

It’s Jesus. He will gladly welcome in the ones who society has left out. Jesus has a pretty good track record for taking care of the ones who have been told “you aren’t good enough for our group.” If you read your Bible and studied up on the one you claim to follow, you would find that he likes to give peace, comfort and grace to the ones the powerful, self-righteous and arrogant have chewed up and spit out!  So don’t you worry, you 19,000 signers! Jesus will take care of them for you!


In conclusion and in all sincerity, I just want to say this: Don’t miss the opportunity to be like Jesus because you were so determined to be right


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