Boston, we see you. (A Letter to Boston)

To the People of Boston,

As the world looks from afar, we stand as a witness to your fortitude, perseverance and courage. Our hearts are torn open to see you cry, shake, collapse, perish and be set on edge as you look into a great unknown. But yet, we don’t fully understand the heartbreak, the dark cloud that looms over the sunny skies or the deafening quiet that terror has brought to your home.

But, we want you to know that we see your response. And isn’t that all the matters at this point – your response? We wish we could help you rewind to just before the attack and somehow disarm the destruction…but we can’t. The bruises, scars, and brokenness of your bodies and minds remain.

But Boston…we see you. We see what you are doing – how you are loving, how you are caring, how you are gathering together, how you are noticing your neighbor and how you are living life with a different kind of awareness and perspective.

Boston, are you sensing yet that the evil that tried to take root in your city is being uprooted by you? Can you see, underneath the surface, that something so beautiful is beginning to grow out of the unsettled earth, shrapnel and innocent blood? Can you feel the power struggle between Love and Evil…and that your Love is overcoming Evil?

We can. We see you, Boston.

When we look at your city, we see the military and police with big guns, armored cars and lots of body armor…and we give thanks for those people! However, some of us see different weapons – ones that pose a bigger threat to evil, fear and terror. We see a restaurant that opened its’ doors and said “pay if you can,” countless homes strangers were invited into, campuses that came together to raise money, strangers hugging, people walking to work despite being scared, a willingness to cry and be vulnerable and a city that banded together who continues to refuse being a victim. It is those acts of love and dedication to one another that exposes evil for what it is and masquerades it around as foolish and unwelcome.

Boston, we see you. Now, can you do the world a favor?

Do not stop doing what you are doing! Will you pause for a second, take a look around you and remember what it feels like to be this connected? Will you take in what it means to your city to value your neighbor over yourself? We need you to do this…desperately!

Boston, history books speak of you as a catalyst for change…will you do it again? This time for the world?

Show us what our communities, towns, cities, states, countries and world could look like. We need your example. We know you can do it – we already see it.

Boston, we see you. We love you. We care about you. We are rooting for you.

With Great Hope,

The World


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